Til Infinity: and the Birth of Hiero Imperium

Here is a great clip from the 2013 documentary, Til Infinity: The Souls of Mischief written and directed by Shomari Smith.

In the clip Phesto, Tajai and Pep Love discuss meeting up with StinkE to create in 1995 and their transition from major label recording artists to independent pioneers.

To watch the full documentary, check out


3rd Eye Vision Television Commercial, 1998

Here is the best copy I can find of the 3rd Eye Vision television commercial. It features footage of the first single from said album to receive a video, “You Never Knew” and was shot entirely in Hawaii. The video was directed by Jacob Rosenberg.

It was very uncommon for a music group to shout-out a website in 1998, and it features prominently in this video.


Interview with Hieroglyphics & Stinke, TechTV

Souls of Mischief and Stinke appeared on TechTV back in 2000 to talk about how Hieroglyphics utilize technology in their music and on their website,

Originally aired on TechTV

Hosted by Kris Kosach

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The History of & StinkE, NBC Bay Area Revelations

Originally aired on NBC Bay Area TV
“Bay Area Revelations – The Culture of Hiphop – Hieroglyphics”

The creation of as told by A-Plus, Domino and Pep Love of the Hieroglyphics crew.