Hieroglyphics Colorado Tour, 1997

In December of 1997, director, photographer, and Hieroglyphics Dot Com contributor Jacob Rosenberg toured across the state of Colorado with the Hiero Crew as they performed across three cities. “Saucee Jake” captured a wealth of photographs and wrote an excellent travelogue, which became one of our earliest collaborations on the Hiero site.

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‘The Hieros Return,’ Hip-Hop Connection

It used to be Hieros this, Hieros that. But Souls of Mischief and the rest of the Hieroglyphics clique fell back to earth as quickly as their star had risen. Now the Bay Area bandwagon is back in effect. To infinity and beyond…


Til Infinity: and the Birth of Hiero Imperium

Phesto, Tajai and Pep Love discuss meeting up with StinkE to create in 1995 and their transition from major label recording artists to independent pioneers.