Hieroglyphics Snapshots

Welcome to the Sunny Meadowz

Presented here are archived versions of the Hieroglyphics.com website and its satellite artist-based sites between 1995 – 2005. They are reproduced for educational and archival purposes.

Each archive has been carefully rebuilt to be as functional as possible. Some sections are inherently offline due to their nature (for example: the Hiero Chat Room, Hiero Hoopla, etc.).

The guiding philosophy in updating these snapshots has been to maintain the original codebase as written. The only changes to markup or code have been functional: making sure links work and point to the proper resources; fixing broken images, etc. No liberties have been taken to hide and/or alter any content. Some visual layouts may be modified or tweaked for modern/larger screen resolutions, but at all times will adhere to the original scope of the source material.

You may encounter broken links. Some resources or external websites these snapshots reference are no longer online and unfortunately out of the scope of “Hieroglyphics.com.”

This is a work in progress. The goal is to archive and chronicle as many of the Hieroglyphics.com facelifts & permutations as possible, rebuilt entirely from the original source files.

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Hieroglyphics.com as it appeared between 1999-2001

1999 – 2001

Hieroglyphics.com as it appeared between 1999 – 2001.

Hieroglyphics.com as it appeared in 1997-1998

1997 – 1998

Hieroglyphics.com as it appeared between 1997 – 1998.


Pep-Love.com Website


The website for Pep Love. Launched June 12th, 2001 to promote his album, Ascension.


Casflow.com Casual Website


Casual’s website to promote his album He Think He Raw. Casflow.com was launched on July 14th, 2001.


An anime-inspired character sits on the ground cross-legged holding a staff in one hand and a holographic device projecting an image of a digital Tajai. The subtitle reads, From the creators of Hieroglyphics.com, 93 Til Infinity & Destructor. The Projecto: 2501 logo appears below in an abstracted polygonal design.


Tajai and Hieroglyphics.com webmaster Stinke collaborated on a concept album together called Projecto: 2501. The website debuted in October 2000 and was promoted on Hieroglyphics.com.


An anime-inspired giant tree with mechanical elements appears rooted in space with website's navigation selectable alongside the album's cover art featuring the profile of a monkey-like god.


Stinke & Tajai collaborated a second time on their sophomore full-length album, Nuntype. The website launched in September 2005.