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3rd Eye Vision, In Stores NOW

Why are you here and not at your record store picking up the album?? Get the full scoop on the newest release from the Hieroglyphics Crew in 3rd Eye Central.

Crew Promo...Jake owns this so don't gank!
Last Updated
Apr. 28, 11:02 p.m. EST

European Dates Announced

Vinyl Now Available

3rd Eye CD & Cass.

How to Get 3rd Eye In Your Area

Winnipeg Show Added

Detroit Show Updated

Numbers, & Misc.

"The Last One"

"The Last One": Adam 7 PleeMix

"Oakland Blackouts"

"Left Field": Swollen Members, Del & Unicron

Colorado Feature Added

Commercial Trailor Added

Hiero Slip Mats

Did You Know???

-Del Used to Work at a Sushi Bar?

Take a Trip to Colorado

Ball-Buster and Photographic Assassin, Jacob Rosenberg went along with the Hiero's during a three show mini tour to Colorado this past December. Journal Entries, tons of photos and even a surprise or two come standard. Click Here.

Slip Mats Are Here

Is your turntable feeling a bit necked in these final days of winter? Need that extra support when you cut them records? Well how about a big ole Hiero Face up on your Tech, Gemini or whatever the hell you own, all on a poly-fiber imported from Pluto? That's right, head into the Hiero Emporium Now!

Emporium Now Open

The completely re-designed Hieroglyphics Emporium is now 100% fully functional & ready to go. New in the store is our e-cart shopping system, redesigned product pages, all new products such as Casual's "Meanwhile", the new Prose tee shirts, and our first long sleeve design: The "3rd Eye Vision" shirt. Check it out now, by clicking Here.

3rd Eye News Central

All the latest happenings surrounding the new Hieroglyphics album, "3rd Eye Vision" can be found right here. Go directly to 3rd Eye Central by clicking Here.

iCHAT Real-Time Chat Room Operational

Remember our slow and pokey chat room? No more. Now you can converse with Hiero Heads & crew members in real-time with our all new iCHAT server. Check it out by clicking Here.

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