Updated 7.09.98

Video Begins Filming

Shooting for the first video off of the "3rd Eye Vision" album will begin filming on July 18th through to the 23rd in Hawaii. As previously mentioned, "You Never Knew" will be the next single, and the first Hiero video in more than 3 years. The video's director, Jake Rosenberg assurred me massive "fish-eye" lens effects, outrageous colors and costumes, as well as a gang of "let's walk in this tunnel made of lights" shots. I'm joking of course. Jakey Wakey actually sent me the video concept on paper, and it's quite ill. While holding my testicles in a stern manner, Jake made me promise not to disclose his ideas for the video, so I'm afraid you kiddies will have to wait until mid-August which is when post-production is scheduled to end. Maybe us net dwellers will get the world premiere?

The latest numbers on 3rd Eye Vision's sales numbers:

U.S. total sales are at 30,000 since the album's release March 24th. However, Domino estimates more like 35,000 given mom and pop stores, CD Now, etc.

Some numbers have trickled into foreign territories, more notably Canada, but the album itself has not been officially distributed yet. Deals are being conducted right now, with a few even completed, but waiting in the wings so to speak. More as they become finalized. These should bring in whole new numbers, especially considering Del & Cas' tour just wrapped up overseas, only adding fuel to the fire.

Keep in mind also that with the video and new single, even more numbers should begin to hit. I peeped Tower the other day in Philly, and they had about 20 units in stock as compared to 2 the day it dropped, so it's getting better.

On a side note, my album "TORTOISE TUCKER AND ELEPHANT ANDY NAP" sold 4.2 billion within its first 2 minutes online. Isn't that fantastic?

Casual, Sadat X and Everlast have completed a song together, which will find its way onto Everlast's forthcoming album due out on September 22nd. Tajai also blurbed something along the lines of a Souls/Solesides collaboration, so believe I'll stay on top of that.

If memory serves, look for tracks from The Prose and Del on a compilation coming soon from Connected magazine...

"FOCUS" from the fantastic four, Souls of Mischief, will be getting mastered shortly, and will be migrating its way onto vinyl heaven. Opio's "Shooting Stars" will be the first single and A-Plus' "Step Off" will be the B-Side. On the cassette front, "FOCUS" will be online soon. Sorry about the massive holdup.

The Hieros will begin a second U.S. tour starting in late August, and spanning even more spots than previously this year. Begining today, keep a steady watch on the Tour Dates for updated info.


Updated 6.08.98


As Del and Casual continue their treck onward in the European territories, very little news has been leaking from the Hideout. However, I've managed to come up with a few tasty tidbits to keep fools over for a while.

With all new offices now in full occupancy, the success of "3rd Eye Vision" is begining to come to light. The crew is very happy with the numbers achieved thus far, but assure me they're not about to sleep. The next single, "You never Knew" with "At the Helm" as the B-Side and an as yet unnamed new song should be ready to go within a month's time. Talk of a video for the next single is well underway. Should things go to plan, "You never Knew" will be the crew's first video in over 2 years.

Del is well into his next album, which will be the next offically released album on the Hiero Imperium label. Tajai assured me Del has achieved complete sickness on this next one; I've seriously never heard Tajai so ecstatic about a Hiero project before. Overall the vibe coming from the crew since the release of 3EV has been extremely positive, especially coming off of their extensive tour across the U.S. Similarly, Casual's next album is more or less done, and was completely recorded in his brand new studio located within the self-proposed "bustin nuts in her eye" emcee's house.

And then there's the Prose...Prose, Prose, Prose. Yes, their material is coming, and yes it's almost done. Hopefully Jay will hit me off with something soon so we can all lather in what is sure to be a fanciful Hiero-laden surprise.

For those wondering, Tajai's main character in Tekken3 is P.Jack; Del: Ling Xiaoyu and if memory serves, Opio: Lei WuLong. Me, I'll crush a fool with Heihachi.

New items coming soon to the Emporium is the much ballyhooed and forever release-lagging Souls of Mischief album, "Focus". Also...Hiero Medallions are back! And coming a bit later is Hiero Oldies II.

That's about it for now. I should be getting updates up a bit faster than before, so stick with us. p-

Updated 4.28.98

European Dates Announced

Courtesy Germany-based Subotage magazine and my homie Karin come these European tour dates featuring Hieroglyphics (Del the funkee homosapien, Casual) and the Rebel Alliance foundation coming out of Boston (7L & Esoteric, Mr. Lif, Viruoso, Truth Elemental, DJ Fakt1, Papa D) as well as DJ Z-Trip out of Arizona (Who RMX, etc.). Also on board is Toure Duncan and Michael Parker.

Click Here for European Dates

"3rd Eye Vision" vinyl is now available, as well as cass. and CDee.

Order the Album Online

Updated 4.10.98

Numbers Extraordinary

After major computer problems on this end, we're finally able to bring you the latest news regarding the crew and this album once again....

The fellas are currently in NYC with the Fat Beats in-store happening Saturday 4.11 and the show at Tramps on Monday the 13th. The Philly show was off the hook, and it was cool to see the crew rip live together for the first time in close to 6 years.

Here's the latest numbers straight from sources worldwide (primarily you):

  • 4600 units sold in the first week, entering Sound Scan
  • #1 New Release at Tower Records for the week of 3.23.98
  • #9 on CDNow's current Top 20
  • #98 on CDNow's all-time Top 100 selling Cdee's
  • #88 on the Billboard R&B chart
  • #26 on the Heat Seekers chart

Vinyl will drop this Saturday at the Fat Beats release and then there after throught the U.S.

Check out this L.A. concert write up with accompanied pictures courtesy my homie infini-T.

Also, the Hiero's were on 88hiphop last week, but we couldn't get the computer up in time to promote it. Peep these links:

I have a copy of "Focus" and for real...It's the shit. Unfortunately, the page was destroyed in our computer crash, and was lost. I'll try making a new one as soon as possible, cause I know yall are feenin'.

That's it for now, I'll be back soon with some more butter shit, peace


Updated 3.26.98

#1 At Tower, Canada & The Eye, Are Stores Sleeping?

Judging by the amount of emails that poured in yesterday, not all the stores across the U.S. have received the album yet. We'll get to that in a second. But peep this:

Tower Records has announced that "3rd Eye Vision" is their #1 release for this week! Kind of ill, especially considering the album's been out for 2 days.

CD NOW must have shit their pants when all the orders for 3rd Eye came in. The album is now on backorder as one source claimed, "we got all these orders, and were heavily understocked". Why must fools underestimate the Hieros? Here's that link to order the album online from CD NOW: I'm A Link

One thing became very apparent on Tuesday by looking over my emails: There wasn't one Canadian Head who could find the album. I spoke with Domino and he had this to say: "It isn't out in Canada. The distribution deal fell through at the last minute. The album is being imported, it'll just take a bit longer". He went on to say that the Virgin store in vancouver will have it, among others, but time is a factor. Sorry, yall. If patience is non-existant, I'd suggest ordering it online.

"Where is that shit Stinke!!!!!!!" can just about sum up a good number of emails from yesterday and today. There's still a gang of kids who can't find the album here in the U.S. Here's what's up:

A lot of the stores are just slow with shit like this. Tru the album came out Tuesday, but shipping schedules are weird like that, and could take a whole other week to come in. Ground Level is pumping these things out to meet demand. If your store doesn't have it yet, bitch, badger, and demand for that shit!

Did you know Blockbuster Music had pulled out of carrying the album just days before its release, but so many heads were asking for it nationwide, they went back in on the deal?! And the suckers still can't meet the demand!

I spoke with Domino and Plee from Atlanta and shit is just looking good. The energy levels at these shows are just amazing, and feedback from heads has been fantastic.

So now we got this lil' TV commercial in the works, and also a forthcoming video for either "You Never Knew" or "Miles to the Sun". I'll keep you up.

On the real, if your local store is sloppy on the stock for this album, tell them to get it. Direct them to this page if you have to and we'll get them situated. Don't forget to check all the new shows and keep enjoying that album. Oh! Before I jet, vinyl is coming!!! Don't worry. peace,

Updated 3.24.98

And So It Begins

More than three years in development, the once touted Hieroglyphics "Family Album" has finally come to fruition. After numerous delays and eager anticipation from fans worldwdie, the Hieroglyphic collective project, "3rd Eye Vision" is now widely available online, and in your local record stores.

Tower, HMV, Blockbuster Music, Sam Goody/Musicland and numerous other stores should all have copies waiting for your decks and turntables. Ground Level has assured that this album reach the masses; there should not be any one person who can not receive this album.

But enough of this yapping. I'll be back later this week with an in-depth feature regarding everything that is "3rd Eye Vision". But for now, run out to your record store, pick yourself up a copy and enjoy. And for those who want to order the album online, jump to CD NOW and they'll take care of you.

This is it, yall. Shit is about to blow the fuck up. Get the album and enjoy, peace!


Updated 3.21.98

Pre-Order 3rd Eye

I just spoke with my homie at Ground Level who informed me that pre-orders from stores are coming in huge numbers! This album is blowing the fuck up! But fuck that, you want your copy too, right? Hieroglyphics Dot Com has partnered up with online distributor, CD NOW so that you can pre-order your copy right now, assuring you'll get a copy when it's released on Tuesday, March 24th!

To pre-order your copy of "3rd Eye Vision", Click Here.

We'll be back with more updates on Monday, so check back, peace!!

Updated 3.16.98

Stores Hop On

With the release of "3rd Eye Vision" only one week away, more stores have stepped up and declared their carrying of the album. In addition to Blockbuster Music chains, expect the album in HMV, Tower, and Musicland/Sam Goody stores nationwide.

Peep any of the ads now in rotation in many mags this month? I've stumbled upon the Source ad, back in the review section, in this month's issue with Snoop on the cover. Keep your eye out; it's tight.

Hiero is tearing venues up throughout the U.S. I had a chance to speak to Domino as the crew made their way to Vancouver via a Ferry. Check this:

Portland: 700 in attendance-SOLD OUT

Seattle: 800 in attendance-SOLD OUT
Vancouver: 1000+-SOLD OUT

And this just in: Hiero will be marching through to Philly on the 31st of March! I've also heard the 28th for NY, so other east coast shows are probable in or around that same time frame. I'll keep you posted.

Updated 2.24.98

3rd Eye Delayed AGAIN

Well, it seems as if I owe everyone a trip to Great Adventure, and expect to see a picture of my brand new llama online soon (see previous update). It has come to my attention that it is in the best interests of the crew to dealy the released of "3rd Eye Vision" from March 10th to March 24th. "[We] feel it's better to bring it out at the right time, even if it means being a little late", was the official line from the offices this morning.

Apparently the manufacturer requires a two week advance of album drop off before it can distribute the album nationally. I didn't quite understand the logistics of the process, but was assurred March 24th was the date (...)

In other disappointing Hiero news, yet another east coast promoter plays the sucker role and jets on the sneaky tip. Once again, the east coast tour is dealyed as plaguing promoters keep pulling Hiero's card.

And on the kinda sorry tip, the "Go the Length/Oakland Blackouts" 12" has been delayed another 10 days. Copies should be hitting stores around the first week of March, as well as landing in DJ crates about the same time. More as it hits me, peace....


Updated 2.18.98
3rd Eye March 10th, Blockbuster...

It?s been floating around this site for weeks now, but for those who haven?t heard yet, "3rd Eye Vision" will finally be released on March 10th and NOT on February 23rd. This date is SET. If it doesn?t drop on March 10th, I?ll take everyone to Great Adventure and purchase a llama for sexual endeavors. Trust me on this one.

Good news in the way of distribution: Blockbuster Music has announced that they will carry the album at all of their music stores across the nation. Not only is this good news for all of us, but it?s a rather surprising move on Blockbuster?s part, considering the album is on the independent tip. We have two new items debuting in the Emporium today: The much requested Hiero Slip Mats as well as a new white and red colored "3rd Eye Vision" long-sleeved shirt. Definately check those out.

Souls of Mischief's "Focus" album will be placed on DAT tomorrow, and taken to the studio for pressing. We're close on that one.

Hopefully we'll have more preciose tour dates within the week, so watch for that. Oh, when you purchase anything from the Emporium from now till 3.17, you'll receive a free cassette of "Go the Length/Oakland Blackouts". Stay up and peace!

Update For 2.04.98:


Slip Mats, Shows & What Else...

Where to begin? If you haven't already, check out all the new show dates and begin calling your local venues in search for Hiero shows! I'll be updating that page as the info lands in my fax or my pager. February 22nd-March 6th will mark the East Coast's turn to see the crew rip live. Between March 22nd-April 1st expect the Hiero's in the midwest (St Louis, Chi, Detroit, Minnesota, Milw., etc.). And From April 2nd-?? they'll be back here on the East Coast.

Slip Mats are done! They'll be a gold/yellow color with a black Hiero logo. This item will debut in the Emporium February 16th, along with a new promotional item, free with every purchase. Mouse pads take a little longer to manufacture, but should be complete in 2 weeks time or so. Oh, and one last thing...Watch for the Return of the Hiero Medallions. haha

"Go the Length" is like 10 days away or something, and is being considered for the first video. We'll have a preview of the track online in a few days, so watch for that.

Actually, who wants to have a contest right now? First person to email me the name of Hiero's engineer will win 2 of those slip mats we just talked about. This contest expires tonight at 12am, EST

Source dissed! The latest issue of "The Source" magazine, featuring Ma$e on the cover straight dissed. I'll be back with an update tomorrow about this, plus some other reviews of the album worth checking. but for now, stay up, peace

Update For 1.27.98:

3rd Eye In Rolling Stone, New Shows

News has caught my ear that "3rd Eye Vision" will continue on its prodigial path of exposure, landing a review in popular music publication, "Rolling Stone". Add this to the list of magazines also covering the album in our last update, and I think you'll understand how exciting shit is getting.

Alright, peep this: DJ Nasty Nas out of Seattle, one of the most recognized and respected Dj's out there, has said to have been caught out there by the flavor that is "Go the Length" and has sworn to play it many a times to get the flavors rolling! Watch for "Go the Length/Oakland Blackouts" to appear in your local record shops in 2 weeks!

Oh shit! Domino just hit me off with a list of upcoming shows, and some news about the forthcoming east coast tour! Now peep:

The following shows are all tentative and therefor will not be listed on the Shows Page until I receive definite confimation. But here they are for those yearning:

  • Eugene, Oregon: March 10th
  • Vancouver, Canada: March 13th
  • Victoria, BC: March 14th
  • Calgary Alberta: March 16th

    Look for a possible string of Hiero perfomances in the Midwest starting March 21st. Some spots mentioned were Memphis, St. Louis, and Chicago. This is again tentative so watch the page for secured shows.

    Now hella heads have been questioning the status of Hiero's proposed East Coast tour. Domino has informed me they've been negotiating for awhile now, and it's only a matter of generating funds. Having to get the entire crew out to the east coast from Cali, as well as putting everyone up is not a piece of cake. However, Domino assured me they will definately make it out here, and told me to tell you, "Hiero's coming to a town near you, hold tight".

    PS- Anyone willing to sell me their Jaz drive, please contact me. peace,

    Update For 1.19.98:

    Light on Hiero Promotion

    We are little more than one month away from this album's release! Are you juiced?!?

    We've been doing our thing in the background trying to crank out some all new shit for you online heads. It's been rather crazy trying to juggle all these things at once, but the hardest part is almost over. Look for more constant updates from this point out.

    But let's get to this. Before I start, let me bring to light some factual perspectives concerning Hieroglyphics and false advertising (yes I went to skool).

    Now, word out in the ATL is there is a show on the 21st and 23rd. Someone faxed a flyer to Domino for this show, but as it turns out, Domino did not book it. So to recap: There are no Hiero shows in Atlanta on the 21st or 23rd.

    IN 3rd Eye News "Go the Length" is currently being pressed! Look for that one soon!

    There will be a total of 6 ads running for the release of 3rd Eye Vision between now and the album's release. Some magazines to look for Hiero ads are "The SOURCE", "Rap Pages", "Warp", "Thrasher" and a few others. But here, straight from the fax machine of Hiero's PR, is a complete list of magazines that will have reviews running for 3rd Eye Vision:

  • Addicted to Noise: Series of features to run until LP release
  • Alternative Press: Review set to run in March issue
  • Bikini: Review set to run in March issue
  • Beat Down: Review set to run in March issue
  • CMJ: Review set to run week of February 24th
  • Electronic Musician: Review set to run in MArch
  • Hip Hop Connection: Review set to run in March
  • LA Weekly: Feature set to run in late February or early March
  • MixMag: Review to run in February/March issue
  • Option: Feature set to run in April
  • Pulse: Feature set to run in March issue
  • Paper: Feature set to run in March issue
  • Rap Sheet: Feature set to run in March issue
  • RapPages: Review set to run in March issue
  • Slap: Review set to run in March issue
  • Source: Review set to run in March issue
  • Trace: 6 page feature set to run in February
  • URB: Review set to run in March
  • VIBE: Review set to run in March issue
  • XXL: Will be featured in large article about battle rhymers in March issue

    DAMN! If that doesn't set some of yall down worried about promotion, I don't know what will. Things are looking good and as the news comes to me, I'll be here to dish it out! stay up!!

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