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June 24th, 1997

The following are questions gathered from visitors of the site, and their respective answers from myself and the Hiero Crew. If you have any questions you would like answered within these pages, please let us know by emailing me at [email protected].

Is there any way to get my hands on Snupes 2 for 15 album???????

You can email [email protected] for a high quality copy for about $10. He is 100% legit.

What are the possibilities of the family cd being enhanced????

Pretty nil at this point in time. Although the idea was seriously being considered at the dawn of the album's conception, it has since been left as a possibility for future albums, but not this particular one.

A while back there was something being said about a Heiro Playstation game is that still gonna happen??

Unfortunately, no. The game was originally being produced by the Road Rash team over at Electronic Arts. It was a snowboarding game based on the Road Rash engine (race down a hill on a snowboard and beat the shit outta heads). The game was titled, "Shred Fest".

Hiero's part in the game was to have one or two songs streamed off the CD in Redbook audio, acting as the game's soundtrack. In addition, the Hiero symbol was to pop-up in certain places, one of which on the under-belly of a snowboard (the game's designers are big Hiero fans).

The game was in development for over 2 years, and began initially as a 3DO game. Due to 3DO's untilemly demise, the game was then ported over to Playstation and Saturn. The Playstation version was scrapped first, and soon later EA pulled the Saturn version of the game as well. That kinda sucks cause I was looking forward to the game, even before Hiero was involved. However, the heads at EA are still in talks with Hiero, and no doors have been completely shut. In fact, a new Road Rash game was announced last week for the Playstation and PC. . .We'll see.

Hey stinke -

Would it be possible to get production credits for [Future Development]?

We've been planning a contest revloving around the credits of the aforementioned album. Look for that soon.

Is Casual's single Turkey & Dressing out in record stores? If not when is it gonna drop?

"Turkey & Dressing" is not out in stores yet, but will be on a forthcoming Casual EP coming to the online store very soon. More news on this EP can be heard on the Tajai Interview in the Sounds Page.

I'm curious how you feel about this new feature? Are there questions you want answered? Do you feel the layout could be better? Let Me Know!. Also, let's hear what you have to say about some of the issues discussed in this editorial on the Bulletin Board. Peace.


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