Update For 12.29.97:

Bringing Things Up-to-date

Hope everyone's holiday/vacation is/was going/went fine. Haha

But now, it's been awhile since we sat and kicked it, so let me bring you all up to date on what to expect from Hiero in the new year:

The biggest news, perhaps, is the fact that Hiero has finalized their distribution deal for "3rd Eye Vision" and has chosen to go with Ground Level Music Distribution. With distribution locked down, it's no surprise Hiero has officially gone on record and stated that the official release date for "3rd Eye Vision" will be February 23rd. Marinate on that for a minute...

Scratching your crotch in anticipation? Can't wait till February? That's cool, cause the 2nd single from "3rd Eye Vision" (Go the Length/Oakland Blackouts) will be out by mid-January, at the latest.

Previously, "Go the Length" was to be remixed by Bay Area Super DJ, E-Swift. However, E is in Europe and can't do it this time around, but don't worry. A-Plus has conjured up yet another Remix to get them mouthes watering. Again, expect this one to drop in early January.

The East Coast tour continues to trug along, although no dates have been set officially.

Souls of Mischief are working to completing their next album, "FOCUS". The album will have 12 cuts, 3 for each member. Hopefully I'll have some product dished out to me shortly, so we'll see what's up.

Many of you may have notcied updates on the site have been rather mild this past month. Don't worry. We're just taking the necessary time to formulate some all-new shit for the 1998 year. More on that soon.

Be cool, don't get into trouble, enjoy your New Years & be safe


Update For 12.02.97:

East Coast Tour Come January?

Things are going fantastic for the Hierollers, as distribution will be closed by the end of this week. "Everything is going according to plan...It's actually better than expected", Tajai told me in a phone conversation on Wednesday. With distrubtion finally coming to a close, the next single being prepared, and an east coast tour well into the planning stages, that February release date doesn't seem too far away now, does it?

My pop's an ass.

After the voices of Hiero Heads yelled out on Hiero Hoopla for new products, Hieroglyphics comes through. Coming soon to the Emporium are Hiero slip mats & mouse pads. These are long overdo, but expect them soon.

Check out Hieroglyphics in the following magazines:

  • URB
  • Warp
  • Strength
  • Blunt

    On newsstands now.

    In our last update, news was broke that the next single from "3rd Eye Vision" will be "Go the Length/The Last One". Rumor out the camp is the remix for the track will be handled by one of the West Coast's biggest producers. Any guesses? "I'll wax that ass on pay per view..."

    Yo! If you want Hiero to come to your school & perform Give Me a Holler!!!.

    Aaaaaand, that's about that. Be sure to sign our Guestbook, and look for our forth-coming contest in conjunction with...

    Update For 11.05.97:

    East Coast Tour Come January?

    Unfortunately, things have not gone as smoothly for the crew with various east coast promoters as they had hoped, causing the right coast facet of the tour to be postponed as late as January. The news came as a shock to me, as I was expecting to see the crew here in Philly in less than 2 weeks from this writing. As more on this develops, I'll shove it online. In the meantime check out these pics from Hiero's Chicago show courtesy Bay Area Underground and Myles Kuban.

    In other 3rd Eye news, the next single for the album will be "Go the Length" with "Oakland Blackouts" as the B-Side. News on the distributor for the single has been scarce, but it will not be through Big Daddy who was responsible for "The Who" distribution.

    In related news, "Oakland Blackouts" will be featured in the forthcoming Transworld Skateboarding-Interface video, starring Steve Berra, Bob Burnquist & others. The track will be accompanied by some off the hook skating footage, and will be available in Winter of 1997.

    Meanwhile cover

    Update For 10.28.97:

    Casual's new 12 cut album, "Meanwhile" has been on sale throughout Hiero's U.S. tour. On November 1st, the all new Hiero Emporium will launch, along with this new item. The cover design is by C. Loo; one of two winners from our past "Design Casual's Tee Shirt" contest.

    In all honesty, I haven't had nearly enough time to listen to this new Cas shit to the extent I'd like to. But in any case, here's one track whose beat may sound a bit familiar, but it's off the hook none-the-less:

    Who Do That?

    Look for more clips from the album as we approach its online launch, November 1st.

    Souls' Focus

    In other Hiero news, Souls of Mischief have decided not to drop their self-described album/ep, "Fantastic", and have decided to publish a full length piece called "Focus". The only word I got thus far is that it will be a collection of Souls of Mischief solo songs, like Tajai's "Masticate" or A-Plus' "A to the P", although it still remains uncertain whether these tracks will be on "Focus" or not.

    Update For 10.22.97:

    Since we last spoke, Hiero was rounding up their West Coast/Central tour, and had heads tripping. The crew is now back in The Bay formulating the 2nd half of the tour: The East Coast. As soon as the dates become confirmed, they'll be posted right here so stick with the page these next few days.

    Them Souls of Mischief cats keep telling me to watch for their next album entitled, "Fantastic" coming our way very soon. It's not quite an EP, yet not quite an album. Consisting of approx. 7-8 cuts, it should no doubt be the bump.

    "3 Emcees" from off the Industry Compilation has been blowing up across the U.S. over the radios as well as in the stores. For those not in the know, this is the One, with Casual, Del & XZibit from the Likwit crew together in the same song with DJ EQ laying some shit. There's some other Hiero cuts on this album as well, so if you haven't already got it, get it.

    Other than that, it's the same old. Since they've been off the West Coast tour, Hiero has managed to send out all remaining orders, and is now 100% caught up. If you do not receive your orders within 10 days, please email, and they'll work with you & your order.

    Update For 10.9.97:

    The West Coast/Central U.S. promotional tour has gone superbly. Output at shows & crowd reactions have been nothing but positive. From what Domino told me, this past show in Detroit was insane. Reaction to the new material has been fantastic, especially in regards to tracks like "At the Helm", & "Oakland Blackouts". Of course, the older shit always gets heads open as well. And what's funny is, this is just the begining.

    Domino & I were going over our current itinerary and it's nothing short of exciting. To begin with, a slew of new shows has been added to the tour dates page. But get this: An East Coast tour is 99.9% going to happen between the dates of November 7th-Early December (tentative). Here's a few cities currently booked:

  • Atlanta
  • Miami
  • Jacksonville
  • Athens, Georgia
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • New York
  • Philadelphia
  • Rhode Island
  • Boston
  • D.C.
  • Baltimore

    More cities are currently being discussed and I should have a tour schedule by next week. In all there should be approximately 16 cities in the roster, so damn near everyone should be covered.

    With the album etched in stone for a 1st Quarter release, this is the time when shit really gets exciting. A publicist has been brought on board, and the crew is already going over ad placement in many top notch magazines. A second single is being discussed, but as to which the crew is still up in arms about. Here's a lil' something I also dug up: The definitive track listing and order for "3rd Eye Vision":

  • Intro
  • You Never Knew
  • All Things
  • Casual
  • The Who
  • Dune Methane
  • Phesto
  • At The Helm
  • The Last One
  • Tajai
  • Oakland Blackouts

    Side 2

  • Mics of the Round Table
  • See Delight
  • Pep
  • Off the Record
  • A-Plus
  • After Dark
  • Opio
  • No Nuts
  • Del
  • One Life One Love
  • Miles to the Sun

    So that's where we stand as of October 9th. We are working on hella shit to make you bug, & now is no better time to get excited about this shit! Things are really taking off.

    Emporium Update:

    As a side note, anyone who ordered "The Who" 12", you should be getting them any day now. Hiero contracted someone to ship the orders while they were on promotional tour, so expect them soon if not already. All other items are being taken care of, the majority of which over the next two days as Domino & Tajai are home for a breather.

    The store rennovation is moving along at a generous pace considering everyone's schedules. As many of you may know by now, our newest item to debut with the rennovated store will be a 12 cut Casual album, 3 years in the making called "Meanwhile". It's currently available for purchase at all Hiero shows, and will debut online shortly.

    As always...When the shit develops, I'll drop it.


    Update For 9.25.97:

    Not much has been happening worth talking about. The crew is finishing up their promotional tour across the U.S., & unfortunately it looks as if they will not make it to the East Coast this time around. Which of course sucks cause I wanted to see them come to Philly, or at least New York. The temperature in the past few days here in Illadelph is every indication that fall is upon us. I am very anxious of the release of this album, and the change in temperature is just testament that winter is not too far away. Just a few more months till "3rd Eye" drops.

    Besides that, cassette singles for "After Dark", "The Who" & "The Who Remix" have been manufactured, and I was able to obtain a few copies. Nothing new here except for the cover. Look for them in stores around your way soon, if not already. They will not be sold in the online store. Enjoy the following track in RealAudio. Peace!!

    The Who (A-Plus Remix)

    Update For 9.2.97:

    Album Release Pushed Back
    As first mentioned on hiero hoopla, the release date for 3rd Eye Vision has officially been bumped back to 1st Quarter 1998. From my understanding, this move is in preperation for greater promotion, as well as to leverage more time to work out kinks in distribution. This is, of course, Hiero's first time publishing an album on the independent tip, so they're basically improvising their entire way through. October sounded a bit questionable, but seeing as the single has enjoyed a nice amount of momentum, and given the current time frame with the promotional tour, etc., I have reason to believe 1st Quarter is a sound date for release.

    Of course, with any updates, you'll be able to find them here.

    In other news, be sure to check the tour dates consistently for new show dates and updated information listing.

    Update For 9.1.97:

    In single news, "The Who/After Dark" 12" has been very successful thus far. Over 3200 orders have been placed in the United States this past month, so it should be hitting record shops in your area any day now.

    "The Who" has gotten radio airplay in Philly, and I even heard "After Dark" on Strech & Bobitto up in New York. Call up your local stations & request that they play the tracks!

    Update For 8.13.97:

    Not really big news, but it's news. The album will be mastered on the 25th. That will mark the end of all studio work for this album. That's it. Figured I'd tell ya'll anyway. Peace!

    Update For 8.11.97:

    The Ball Drops
    We ran into some problems on Saturday when the entire computer that creates Hiero Online was completely wiped out. All contents on the hard disk were lost, and I've been rebuilding it from the ground up all weekend. Needless to say it's pushed us back a bit, but I've gained as much inspiration from my idol Puff Daddy as I could to saty up ("Can't Nobody Hold Me Down. . .") All puns aside, I'm a bit back tracked at the moment, but I'll have shit back and running soon. Oh, the chat room was fixed, and Casual is now scheduled to chat on August 18th. More soon.

    By the way, hope you like this new layout. Peace.

    Update For 8.04.97:

    Damn! The updates are pouring in! Check out the scoop I've attained from the Hiero Camp:

    Album Release: 1st Week of October!!

    That's right! "3rd Eye Vision" will be available during the first week of October. I'll have an update soon on who's distributing the album, so watch for that. But in the mean time, check this shit out:

    Hiero will be on a massive city promo tour during the month of September. Check for the crew in or around the following cities:

  • Vancouver/Victoria
  • Seattle
  • Portland
  • Sacramento
  • Fresno
  • L.A.
  • Las Vegas
  • Phoenix
  • Denver
  • Austin
  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • Oklahoma City
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Kansas City, Kansas
  • St. Louis
  • Chicago
  • Detroit
  • Indianapolis
  • Cincinatti
  • Cleveland
  • Baltimore
  • Philadelphia
  • New York
  • D.C.
  • Boston

    The first 12" vinyl from off "3rd Eye Vision" debuted for sale today. "After Dark" is available for purchase by Clicking Here!!

    Also, get this: Casual will be releasing a 15 song album exclusively online later this month (August)! Some of you may recall his 4 song EP he had planned. Well, that's all changed. This 15 track compilation will be all underground/never heard Casual shit that we've been talking about since this site's inception nearly two years ago!

    Also, look for the 25 track (& mixed) Hiero B-Side album within the coming week!

    While we're at it, here's some other hush-hush shit: The next Souls of Mischief project is currently in the works and is entitled "Fantastic". More as it develops.

    Stick with us as we get ready to blow tha phuck up! HIEROOOOOOOO!!

    Update For 8.01.97:

    Peace one and all!

    As many of you may have noticed, various sections of the site are being renovated and in some cases completely overhauled. Most recently the Sounds, and Chat areas of the site. We are working a hundred miles per hour to bring you some all new live shit that will blow your mind!

    Because of this hectic nature, I have not been able to deliver some of the features I have been planning, notably a new section devoted to "3rd Eye Vision" happenings, which is way behind schedule. So instead of letting everyone hang, I threw together this quick page to bring everyone up to date on what's going on with this album.

  • The Album Is Complete!

    "3rd Eye Vision" has officially been mixed and recorded as of last week. The crew is currently reviewing track positioning, art, and getting their promo package together. The album only needs to be mastered; a task that requires but a day to be accomplished. Domino has stressed that they want the album to be mastered as best as it could be, so they have made an appointment at a prominent studio which specializes in the task. This should be completed within the next week-week and a half.

    Officially, the album is still on for a "Summer" release, but my guess would point to a late August/early September release. Please note, this is only my assumption, and the official release from the crew is still "Summer".

    I've attained a near-complete track listing for the album, which follows below (In No Particular Order):

    Go The Length

    Oakland Blackouts
    You Never Knew
    All Things
    Miles to the Sun
    Dune Methane
    See Delight
    The Who
    Mics of the Round Table
    Off The Record
    One Life One Love
    No Nuts
    At the Helm

    For your listening pleasure, courtesy the Krib Dot Com, here is "No Nuts" featuring Del & Pep Love from "3rd Eye Vision" in streaming RealAudio:

    "No Nuts"

    I've rounded up some links that you may find partial in satisfying your "3rd Eye Vision" cravings:

  • "3rd Eye Vision" Sound Clips
  • RealAudio Interview With Domino
  • RealAudio Interview With Tajai
  • The Making of "3rd Eye Vision"
  • Editorial & News Column
  • MOV Movie Files
  • Purchase "After Dark" 12" Vinyl
  • Purchase "Live97" Single

    Hope that helps.

  • Site Happenings

    I'd also like to take this time and announce one of the cats who has been working hella hard behind the scenes: Jacob Rosenberg.

    Jake wrote, took pictures for, and MOV captured to help create the Making of "3rd Eye Vision" feature for the site. I feel he is now a part of the Hiero Online team, undoubtedly, as we are cooking up some shit. More soon.

    Again, I'm working as best I can to get this shit to you. You're definitely going to see some things moving soon.

    On a final note, don't miss the live chat with Casual on August 4th at 8PM EST !!